GB1GND @ CampGND 2019

At CampGND 2019 we operated a special event station GB1GND. There were quite a few amateur radio operators present.

Between us we had a few HF radios, various data cables, and laptops.

For the most part we were using the Sotabeams three-band portable dipole antenna system (20/30/40m) on a 7 meter telescopic pole.

We attempted to do some APRS on 30 meters but were unable to get everything set up due to really a RF noisy USB soundcard preventing anything from working. In the process though, we did try out using direwolf with hamlib for PTT control. As a result of this, this mode of operation is now built into the Debian package.

You can find the logbook from the event here: GB1GND @ CampGND 2019.