GB1RST @ NorthernRST Hackathon 2019

At the NorthernRST 2019 hackathon we operated a special event station GB1RST. There were quite a few amateur radio operators present.

Between us we had a couple HF radios, data cables, and laptops. As we were in the city, we were also on VHF throughout the event monitoring the local voice repeater GB3GN.

For the most part we were using the Sotabeams three-band portable dipole antenna system (20/30/40m) on a 7 meter telescopic pole in the car park.

On VHF we made 3 contacts via the repeater between 14:00 and 15:00 but that was all.

On HF got set up around 14:00 too and made only 1 contact on 20 meters, an FT8 contact with LZ2FL in Bulgaria. Then we ran out of daylight (it’s winter in Scotland, we don’t get that much) and moved to 40 meters.

We made another 24 FT8 contacts, 3 PSK contacts and 1 SSB voice contact before closing down the station at approximately 21:30.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order): GM0UIN, MM0AAL, MM0ROR, MM0YSO, MM3ZRZ, MM6IRQ and MM6MVP for taking part in the radio activities over the weekend.

You can find the logbook from the event here: GB1RST @ NorthernRST 2019.