We hope to see you at CCC Camp 2019

Scottish Consulate merged with CCC Camp logo

We’re bringing the Scottish Consulate back to CCC Camp. We’re going to be around Milliways and should be identifiable from the Scottish flag. If you’re around, come say hi!

You don’t have to be Scottish to be a member, we run a comprehensive Asylum program for our international friends and refugees of no fixed abode!

Perhaps you’ll need a Visa - your eligibility may be checked upon arrival at the border.

You can always add your name to our event wiki page and you are welcome to camp with/socialise with/party with us to your heart’s content, but without appropriate paperwork, we may be suspicious of your intentions.

If you have a need to contact a consular official during your time at CCC camp, you can reach our switchboard on DECT 7222 or call us via amateur radio on 433.550MHz FM.

CampGND featured on Hackaday

From the article: "If you’ve ever been to one of the larger camps, you may have encountered the Scottish Consulate village. The Scottish hackerspaces come together with a characteristic irreverent humour, and from where I’m sitting they really get that hacker camps are about having fun."

Read the full article at the Hackaday blog.

GB1GND @ CampGND 2019

At CampGND 2019 we operated a special event station GB1GND. There were quite a few amateur radio operators present.

Between us we had a few HF radios, various data cables, and laptops.

For the most part we were using the Sotabeams three-band portable dipole antenna system (20/30/40m) on a 7 meter telescopic pole.

We attempted to do some APRS on 30 meters but were unable to get everything set up due to really a RF noisy USB soundcard preventing anything from working. In the process though, we did try out using direwolf with hamlib for PTT control. As a result of this, this mode of operation is now built into the Debian package.

You can find the logbook from the event here: GB1GND @ CampGND 2019.